Investigation into FedEx expected to be fair and just

拳皇命运如何获取金币 Chinese authorities announced on Saturday that relevant department has decided to open an investigation into whether FedEx violated the legitimate rights and interests of its Chinese clients. Huawei recently revealed to the media that FedEx had diverted two parcels sent from Japan destined for an address in China to the US, and two others from Vietnam to Hong Kong and Singapore respectively were also diverted to a US address after delay.

Although FedEx claimed that these were “mistakenly routed,” public opinion has questioned that the US government is behind the unscrupulous acts by the American company. Such “mistakes” go contrary to the normal service standards of FedEx.

It is pertinent that Huawei has been under sustained persecution by the US administration. The four parcels mistakenly routed all have the final address in the US.

Notwithstanding that the FedEx moves were deliberate or just mistakes, they have posed threats to the technology company’s security interests and violated laws and regulations of China’s express delivery industry. It is fair as well as a responsibility of Chinese authorities to launch an investigation into FedEx.

The announcement of Chinese authorities was brief and did not point at public skepticism about FedEx or Huawei. This shows that the government will wait for and respect investigation results without rushing to any conclusion.

This is a responsible move. The US has without a shred of evidence alleged that Huawei poses a threat to its national security. It has not only cracked down on Huawei, but also forced its allies to boycott the tech giant’s products. In doing so, Washington has jettisoned the rule of law and brazenly violated the principles of international justice and commercial rules.

The US has been accusing without proof Chinese companies of being controlled by the government and telecommunication firms such as Huawei are gathering intelligence for China. However, relations between Washington and US companies are upending people’s understanding of the relationship between politics and business in the market economy.

The US is using its economic resources as political tool at will. Washington has imposed the most frequent and intense economic sanctions on other countries, and US companies have become political tools of the government. In a democratic context, US companies did not try to curb the abuse of the country’s economic leverage by the government, while only subjecting themselves to Washington’s actions.

People also have reasons to believe US intelligence organs have penetrated into some enterprises and their economic activities. In his 2014 book No Place to Hide, former Guardian journalist Glenn Greenwald revealed that US intelligence agencies routinely intercepted routers and other computer network devices and implanted backdoor surveillance tools, repackaged the devices and sent them on.

We suspect that the US is planting its own infiltration actions on Chinese government and enterprises. What the US alleged has never been on the mind of Chinese people and only recidivists can make up such stories.

It is believed that the Chinese government can handle the FedEx investigation in a fair and just manner. Although the incident took place at the peak of the China-US trade war, the investigation process should not be affected. It should be independent and comply with the law. This is the essence of law and is in line with the principles of China’s reform and opening-up.